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Weaving hope into the world one basket at a time.

By purchasing a Blessing Basket you are changing the face of poverty in the third world by: 
   - Creating entrepreneurs
   - Fighting illiteracy 
   - Improving nutrition
   - Building homes
   - Empowering the poor
   - Providing opportunities

On top of that - you are also providing work for adults with disabilities right here in the United States. 

   Every Blessing Basket sold has been tagged by adults with disabilities. The Blessing Basket Project works with New Opportunities, a sheltered workshop for adults with disabilities in Granite City, Illinois. The organization gave us a bid to do this work and we doubled it.  Our commitment to help expands around the globe, including here in the United States. 

  For most of our artisans The Blessing Basket Project is their sole means of support.  Every Blessing Basket is signed by the artist who made it and comes with detailed information about who made the Blessing Basket and how you have helped them.

   In Uganda, for example, the main plight of our artisans is the AIDS virus.  In most cases, the artisans will use their money to support family members orphaned by AIDS.

  By purchasing a Blessing Basket from Bangladesh, you are helping women who are commonly the victims of domestic violence, and those women who were sold as children into the sex trade are being given a way to work their way out of this debasement.

  Blessing Basket artisans are very hard working individuals who are able to use their talents as a stepping stone to a brighter future.

Nothing Done In Love Is Wasted 

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  Remember your donation is entirely tax deductable.

  On behalf of our artisans and those we help around the world, we humbly thank you for your support!

  - The Blessing Basket Project Staff 


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